Starcraft 2 ATI FIX for Flickering Lights Graphical Glitch

Sc2 Fix

Sc2 Fix

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Starcraft 2 ATI FIX for Flickering Lights Graphical Glitch

Fixes the problem seen here:


You are performing it in Your own risk…

I found these settings for stable as well as beneficial in my case (HD4870)… I figured out they fix SC2 when I updated my drivers as well as forgot in order to reapply these tweaks. After a sad afternoon performing stability tests I finally remembered in order to perform which as well as all of problems went away.

You will need ATI Tray Tools from

I’d like in order to say Thank You in order to members for a comprehensive manual on these tweaks. My part here is merely discovering them for fixing in order together with the specific problem in order together with Starcraft 2.

One additional thing: there is no must run ATT after in order toollying Your settings : they will work regardless.

I recommend setting Adaptive Antialiasing in order to Quality if You play MW2 as well : no performance hit as well as problems (if any) go away. Disabling Geometry Instancing might also help.
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Lots of questions regarding the whole 30 fps versus 60 fps situation on YouTube. In in order together with the video I compare 30 frames per second as well as 60 frames per second for StarCraft 2.

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